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Domain Names

What's in a domain name?

Getting your business online begins with a good domain name. The choices you make about it now can have an impact on your business for years to come. 


Domain names are inexpensive ($17.95 per year), but branding your business is not. You will want to be sure that the domain name you choose represents your business well and is easy for your customers to remember.



Request to register your preferred domain name here.

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How to choose a good domain name

First, start with the name of your business. If it can be said in 3 words or less, then it will be easy to choose that as your domain name. If you find that someone is already using that domain name you can consider whether you want change your business name to avoid confusion with the other company, or if you feel that the similarity will not negatively impact your business. In the latter case, you might consider using the .NET or .BIZ version of the domain name, if the .COM is taken.


Common sayings and catchy phrases are also popular as domain names. As long as they pertain to your business and represent it well, this can be a fun idea to help customers remember your business.


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