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Mobile Web Browsing Trends


31% of mobile web users now go online primarily using their mobile phones. This is a trend that has been accelerating steadily.


55% of mobile phone owners use smart phones to go online. That’s an increase from 47% last year.


74% of mobile phone owners use their phones to go online at least once a day.




The mobile trend

Who has time to sit at a desk-top computer anymore? People are grabbing their smart phones and running out the door. They expect to look-up whatever they need from their phones, wherever they go.


You can bring these customers into your business by offering them a mobile-friendly version of your website. A mobile website makes it simple for them to find your business on their phone, wherever they go.


This is an easy way to beat your competition and draw these customers directly to your door.

Mobile website design

How does a mobile website work?

A mobile website works on every type of smart phone. iPhone, Android, Windows... it doesn't matter - your mobile website will look great on them all. There is no "App" for your customers to download. Your customers will simply go to the web browser on their smart phone and go to your regular web address. When your website detects that this person is using their mobile phone, it will automatically show them the mobile-friendly version of your site. Your website will be smart enough to know how to display on different mobile devices.


Because mobile phones use cell phone access, the user doesn't even have to be connected to Wi-Fi to access your website. They can view your website when connected to any cell phone signal, or from Wi-Fi.


Get your mobile website fast

All age groups are quickly joining the mobile trend. If your website doesn't display in a mobile-friendly way, you're missing out on customers. Get your low-cost mobile website fast! We can create a mobile version of your website within a few days. Your mobile website will give your customers one-touch access to call you, get driving directions, and learn what they want to know about your business from anywhere.




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