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3 Reasons Your Business Should Go Mobile Now

Should I get a mobile website?


If you’ve asked yourself that question lately the answer is "Yes", and quickly. Here are 3 reasons why:


1  Mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access. In 2013 mobile devices officially surpassed desktop and laptop computers, moving ahead to 55% of people who spent time shopping online.


Mobile websites have forever changed online sales. But, despite the mobile trend many companies still have not created a mobile website for their business. Why not?


2 This is good news for you! This is a window of opportunity to move ahead of your competition. If you have a mobile website and they don’t, then you get the mobile customer and they don’t. It’s that simple. And with the fast-growing number of mobile users every year, you can already see the benefit.


Alternatively, if your competitor has a mobile website and you don’t, you can see what might be happening to you. So why are you waiting to get a mobile website? Perhaps you have not yet considered your return on investment. Let's talk about that.


3 Mobile websites are not expensive. Okay, that's relative. But it will cost you much (much) less to develop a mobile website than it cost you to create your main website. W3Now offers great-quality mobile websites at a low price, and they can be created quickly. In addition, the mobile websites can be in sync with your main website – meaning that if you make a change to your main website, your mobile website will automatically pick up those changes.


Oh, right, we were talking about return on investment. That is easy. If you buy a mobile website, you gain access to the entire world of people who are no longer at their computers - but are now on their phones. You will notice the difference in the number of customers!


Now is the time to get a mobile website. Your customers are increasingly mobile, you can beat your competition, and the return on investment is there.


I believe this is one of the easiest business decisions you will make this week.


Kristi Dittmann is Partner and Webmaster at W3Now Web Design, Inc.

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