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3 Things you can do to make your website stand out this year

As business owners, every year we review the income and expenses from last year (if only for tax purposes) and decide on a new budget for the new year. We ask ourselves where we can cut back on expenses and where we can find more revenue in the upcoming year. Where can we improve? Where to we excel?


But not all of us remember to take a look at how our business is being represented online.  In today’s technological world, your website is the first contact most new customers will ever have with your business. Does it represent you well? Would a new customer feel compelled to contact you from your website and begin to do business with you? It is certainly worth an annual review.


Set aside a half hour this week and take a good look through your website. Try all the functions – does it still work? Is your business still being represented accurately, featuring the products you want to sell, and with the most important message you need to send to your customers? Does your website look fresh and modern, or old and dated? Look at other websites in your industry – especially your competitors. How does your website measure up?


An old and dated website (anything over 5 years old) is a very real detriment to your business. When new customers see your website, they believe they see your entire business. An old and dated website, to them, can mean a couple of different things:  1) You don’t care enough about your business to represent it well or 2) Your business is not doing well, and so it cannot afford a modern website. Either one of these things will make a new customer turn away. They don’t want to do business with an owner who either doesn’t care, or may not be around to service them into the future.


Here are the 3 most important things you can do to keep your business well-represented online this year:


1) Redesign your website to a modern look.


If your site is over 3 years old, it is time for a facelift.


It is easy to realize that 3-5 years is an entire lifetime in “technology years”. What was fresh and modern 3 years ago is old and dated today. A good example is your mobile phone. If it was top-of-the-line 3 years ago, is now out of date – it’s either not big enough, or it’s not small enough, or it doesn’t have the latest features.


2) Include an active blog.


If you do not have a blog on your website, add one. If you have one, use it at least once per week.


Blogging is the number one thing you can do yourself to keep Google interested in your website, which may translate into higher rankings in search results. Blog about things that matter in your business. Blog about things that are useful to your customers.


3) Make your website mobile friendly.


If you do nothing else on your website this year, do this.


This is a relatively inexpensive way to get real results from your website. For every one person coming to your website on a desktop computer, at least 50% more are coming from their mobile device. You could be losing 50% more business by not having a mobile-friendly website. People  now expect to see mobile friendly websites. If they come to your site and it’s not easy to read on their phone or if they cannot call you with one button push, they will simply leave and go to your competitor’s mobile friendly website. 


Learn the difference between a mobile website and mobile App here.



Representing your business online is a fundamental part of any business in today’s market. People expect online ease and functionality – to be able to accomplish business online with you. These three things will help get you off to a great new start this year.

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