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4 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Dentists

If you are a Dentist, you are probably looking for ways to get new patients into your practice. According to Dentistry IQ - Search Engine Optimization Guide one of the most important facets of Internet Marketing for Dentists is Search Engine Optimization. But why?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which your dental practice website gains increased online visibility. This, in turn, increases incoming visitors to your website and ultimately into your practice. By the way, you should always ensure that your website is modern, attractive, and accurately represents your practice, so when people get there they are inclined to select you over another dentist.


The process by which a Search Engine Optimization company gains this online visibility for your dental website is a long and complicated one. But here are 4 important areas:


1) Content Marketing

Google's recent update has strongly indicated that website content is indeed "king". This means your website should have a blog (or many dynamic web pages), on which you regularly post in-depth articles of interest about dentistry which will appeal to new dental customers. Blogging will give Google (and other popular search engines) a good understanding of your dental practice which facilitates higher search ranking. If you do not have time to write blog articles, as most Dentists don't, most search engine optimization companies employ Content Writers who are excellent at writing and posting your blog articles on a regular basis.


2) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays into the search engine optimization in a few different ways. One is by engaging an audience of your dental practice admirers, who will LIKE or FOLLOW your social pages. Their online friends will see them following you. Soon, the friends will become fans of yours who visit your website, helping it gain in popularity. In addition, each social page gives Google yet another place to find and index information about your dental practice. In short, it broadens your online visibility.


3) On Page Optimization

This is the process of examining the inner coding of your website to determine how "friendly" it is for Google to read the coding and index your website. In this process, you must know the do's and don'ts, and be able to change the website coding to meet all of them. This is definitely a job for the SEO experts and Webmasters. You may have heard of "meta tags". While these were once important to search engines, there is some debate about whether Google even bothers to read them anymore. There is much more to coding your website for search engines and for social media than meta tags alone.


4) Back Linking

This is where you try to get other prominent websites to link to yours. It is called "Getting Backlinks". There are many "directory" type websites like,, etc. which, if you can get them to link to your website, will help improve your search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization companies now have ways to submit your website to hundreds of these directories at once (it is not free - each directory charges it's price for a link). In addition, it is clearly important to Google that the address (location) of your practice is exactly the same on every directory - number-for-number and letter-for-letter. If it says "123 Dental Drive" on one directory and "123 Dental Dr." on another - that is a problem. Having your address perfectly specified between directories lets Google identify your dental practice all across the Internet.


Covering all 4 of these areas is a good start for getting your dental website ranked higher on Google and other search engines. A Search Engine Optimization company will also address several other areas, such as Online Reputation Marketing, which is equally important to bringing new patients into your dental practice.



Kristi Dittmann is an owner of W3Now, which specializes in Search Engine Optimization.

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